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Manage Risk, Control Cost, Foster Confidence and Transparency.

Are your compliance and electronic discovery tools and expert resources optimized to manage your regulatory and reputation risks effectively? Are your company’s electronic discovery processes well established?

If not, you have a business problem that will result in unnecessary cost and unmitigated risks. The problem may be simple, but the solution can be quite complex.

There are excellent tools on the market to enable compliance professionals to do their jobs more effectively, and organizations to work with in-house and outside counsel to address their e-discovery requirements but there is more to it than just deploying technology. Regulatory insight, sound business oversight, escalation, and reporting processes, great organization, resources and skills, combined with good technology, are what make compliance organizations and legal departments successful.

An effective Discovery Management Strategy should be:
• Implemented consistently across the enterprise
• Understandable and documented
• Cost effective and predictable
• Risk averse and defensible
Do your discovery management policies cover these bases? ICAP CG’s solutions assist you to prepare your strategy and approach to discovery as well as to execute on the strategy.

Many of our clients come to us, having recently purchased expensive automated compliance systems, looking for best practices around managing the capabilities of those tools and using the technology in a more targeted and effective manner. Other clients come to us contemplating operational strategies to contain the ever rising cost of compliance research and investigative processes. Others are struggling with the burden of meeting new regulatory reporting requirements, expending a vast number of resources to compile data from disparate systems.

In all cases, an integrated approach combining risk management disciplines with the right processes and technology is needed to address the issues in today’s rapidly evolving compliance arena. Many times, underlying concerns such as poor data quality, inadequate transaction details, inconsistent client data, or lack of easy access to required data become the drivers for inefficient and ineffective use of compliance resources. The solutions to these problems help firm’s mitigate risk but they also provide tangible economic benefits for businesses.

Have you lost faith in your ability to keep pace with rapidly changing and expanding regulatory and electronic discovery requirements? At ICAP CG, we show our clients the path to well managed compliance and discovery management processes with proven business integrity. We accomplish this by applying the appropriate risk, information, and operations management principles. We also incorporate best practices for planning and implementing projects, providing toolsets where needed. At ICAP CG, we help clients map the route to efficient and effective regulatory compliance and electronic discovery management processes.

Exemplary E-Discovery Services:
• Assessment • Strategy and Planning
• Data Reconciliation and Remediation • Data Mapping
• Data Analysis • Application Implementation
• Spend Analysis • Project Management

Compliance Solutions:
• Monitoring Assessment and Fine Tuning • Data Quality Improvements
• Enterprise Surveillance Strategy • Training and Assessments
• Compliance Dashboard • Near-Shoring, Off-Shoring and Outsourcing
• Reporting Point Solutions • Enterprise-Wide Data Governance

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