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Our approach to business is the major contributing factor in assisting our clients to successful outcomes with their engagements and projects. Our seasoned team's strength is due to our experience, fresh look at the work at hand, independence, knowledge and above all commitment to our clients. Please feel free to contact us regarding additional information on any of the following high profile representative engagements or our services.

Forensic Collection and Data Analytics Supporting a Global FCPA Investigation

Assisted a law firm in collecting ESI related to a global FCPA matter. Preserved e-mails and documents from custodians in India, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Angola, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, France and Malaysia to identify responsive documents. Collected general ledger and accounts payable transactions from the company's business units to identify possible inappropriate payments to government officials.

Electronic Data Discovery Management in Support of the Defense of a Major Food Distributor

Engaged by legal counsel to lead an e-discovery investigation working with counsel and management for a major distribution entity. Activities included design and management of the entire electronic data discovery process, document review strategy and working with and interviewing IT to locate relevant ESI locations internationally.

Data Loss Identification and Prevention for a Major Professional Services Firm

Engaged by counsel to address government concerns and litigation related to the leakage of client sensitive information at a top five international professional services firm. Services included developing and implementing a preservation and legal hold approach, collecting, searching and analyzing ESI, interviewing client personnel, preparation of affidavits and development of the information management and workflow approach.

Investigation and Review of a Major Law Firm's Information Management Group

Led the investigation of IT management in a fraud investigation for a (Top 10) international law firm. Made recommendations regarding the CIO/IT function, cost considerations, staffing, controls and necessary technologies to support the firm's various practices.

Information Audit, Analysis and Management in Support of a Financial Restatement

Managed a global team in one of the largest restatement activities for a public company in recent years. Providing data analysis and CAATS work such that the global technology concern could restate multiple years of sales information.

Forensic Collection Supporting a Global FCPA Investigation

Assisted a law firm in gathering ESI pertaining to a global FCPA matter. Obtained SAP general ledger data from the shipping company's business units in Nigeria, Angola and Brazil and identified suspicious transactions for review. Preserved e-mails and documents in the aforementioned business units/countries from computers and tapes to identify responsive documents.

Litigation Readiness Program for a Major Bank

Engaged by General Counsel of a national bank to assist with developing and implementing an in-house electronic data discovery management and response program. The project consisted of an analysis of the banks electronic data discovery costs, technologies used, roles and responsibilities of personnel and assisting the bank with further developing their records management and retention strategy.

Forensic Collection and Processing

Led the forensic electronic data collection, processing and analysis activities related to a fraud investigation of an officer of a major technology company. Activities included establishment of the electronic data strategy, forensic collection of information, workflow design and management of the entire eDiscovery process.

Document Management and Workflow Implementation

Led the development and implementation of a document management system for an international law firm. Services included performing needs analysis, requirement gathering, vendor interviews, implementing a pilot program, training of all attorneys and support personnel and implementing the system in all offices globally.

Identification of Ghost Employees and Suspicious Transactions Using Data Analytics

Performed proactive forensic review to identify possible ghost employees and suspicious payments. Downloaded electronic human resource and accounts payable information from the company's computer system into PC-based database. Prepared computer algorithms to identify possible ghost employees and suspicious payments to vendors. Prepared work product that identified areas of concern to be investigated.

Asset Tracing Using Data Analytics Techniques

Analyzed a South American bank's books and records to determine whether the President of the bank was looting the bank's assets. Acquired electronic customer account data and related transactions from the bank's mainframe system and developed PC-based database to facilitate analysis. Prepared computer programs to identify related party transactions and large dollar amounts that were credited and debited in a short time period. Utilized i2 software as reporting tool to illustrate money flow between accounts.

Forensic Collection, Processing and Hosting of ESI and Data Analytics Supporting Stock Options Backdating Investigation

Performed analysis to determine if a technology company was engaged in Stock Options Backdating. Collected data from the company's Equity Edge system to determine if entries to stock option systems were appropriate (compared entry date to stock option grant date). Collected, preserved and managed the review of e-mails to identify smoking gun documents.

Calculation of Gain/Loss of Securities in a Class Action Matter

Prepared gain or loss analysis for more than 500 class members in a high profile security litigation matter. Maintained Access databases that captured securities trade information. Prepared gain/loss reports for counsel.

Developed Database Containing Claimant Information in a High Profile Civil Matter

Administered a high profile class action matter. Developed a database to maintain relevant information to perform class identification, mailings and payment calculations. Performed various analyses for attorneys to enable them to make prudent economic decisions related to the settlement.

Reconstruction of Bank Transactions

Assisted an international bank against allegations of harboring illicit funds generated through fraudulent activities. Reconstructed account statements for particular customers from hard and soft copy documents. Identified and quantified certain transactions that may have been suspect.

Developed Cash Flow Model for Real Estate Property

Assisted an international bank in calculating cash flow for real estate owned property for sale. Calculated cash flow using estimating/real expenses (property tax, maintenance and certain utilities) and timing for over 500 properties. Cash flow calculations provided to potential buyers. Prepared 500 tax forms using automated techniques.

Data Collection of Premium Data to Calculate Settlement

Assisted a large insurance broker in collecting client and billing data from 15 disparate computer systems into one common database. The data collected was used to calculate $850 million settlement offers to eligible clients.

Identification of Responsive ESI for Legal Hold

Assisted an international insurance company to identify financial systems to preserve as a result of a preservation order. Developed questionnaires and performed interviews to identify premium, claims and GL systems to preserve.

Developed Trade Database to Identify Securities Sold At Unfair Prices

Analyzed purchased and sold transactions for a bankrupt fund to determine whether a brokerage firm was selling securities to certain investors at unfair prices. Created a database of all transactions for the bankrupt fund from monthly statements and determined realized and unrealized gain or loss. Developed a database that compared "Securities Prices" from the bankrupt fund with the prices of similar securities sold to other customers at the same time and determined variances.

Information Management in Support of an Anti Money Laundering Initiative

Led a global team to assist a major broker-dealer and banking entity with data management and quality issues relating to "Know Your Customer" regulatory requirements in response to a SEC investigation. Reviewed the entire account opening operation and developed the necessary workflows and technology to support the newly designed process.

Data Analysis and Reporting in support of an AML Investigation

Assisted a major foreign bank in response to their efforts in addressing regulatory concerns around USA PATRIOT Act compliance. Analyzed the quality of current information, assisted the bank address information gaps and set up processes to sustain a more efficient and effective account opening process.

Identified Physicians Engaged in Off-Label Use of Certain Medication

Performed analysis to determine if a pharmaceutical company was engaged in promoting certain medication for off-label use. Collected 83 million lines of prescription dispensing information for physicians. Performed analysis to compare dispensing activity of those physicians that attended forums that discussed off-label use of medication to those physicians that did not attend. Prepared graphical interface to show results of the findings.

Developed Database for Breach of Contract Litigation

Assisted a pharmaceutical company in a breach of contract regarding pricing. Collected over 75 million lines of billing data from three legacy-billing systems for a four-year period. Performed various analyses using the billing data to assist counsel in the determination whether the allegations had merit.

Data Analytics and Review as Part of an Investigation

Provided the re-performance of financial trading transactions, analyzed and reviewed system code and information as part of an investigation into the trading and accounting practices of a large financial institution.

Data Migration and Consolidation for a Foreign Bank's Trading System Implementation

Assisted a major foreign bank with data transformation and quality concerns during a front office trading and back office accounting system implementation. Identified the necessary data mappings, assessed the quality of the data to be transformed and remediated the appropriate information.

Data Migration Strategy and Execution for a Major Technology Concern

Developed the strategy and performed the information migration and transformation processes for a SAP system implementation. Addressed and mitigated the risks and lowered the costs of moving data from the legacy source systems and interfaces to a new enterprise and business unit level system for a global hardware and software manufacturer.

Data Quality Review and Remediation for a Global Financial Services Firm

Implemented an audit and checking process for a top five broker-dealer investment bank in regard to client statement discrepancies. Assisted the same client address data quality concerns regarding their customer data files.

Information Lifecycle Management Program Development

Led a national team to provide business requirement, recommendations and planning for a major diversified financial services firm undergoing an information lifecycle management and records retention program. Surveying and interviewing more than twenty business units within the organization, developing an information map and providing regulatory guidance on domestic and international requirements were among the tasks provided.

Information Modeling, Tracking and Reporting System for a Major Broker-Dealer

Creating a data consolidation and reporting system solution for a major broker-dealer to assist them in addressing SFAS 157 requirements and reporting. The technology developed supported the valuation requirements and was allowed ad-hoc scenario analysis. The system automated the process by accepting trading feeds from multiple disparate trading platforms.

Spreadsheet Remediation and Consolidation

Assisted a major global manufacturer with the management and remediation of spreadsheets used in their financial reporting. Financial consolidations and budgeting was not being performed on a timely basis and were error prone. A new centralized system was created and training was given to support the new process.

Stock Option Granting Investigation

Led a team of data analysts in investigating and assisting a global financial institution in re-performing and reconciling their stock option grant administration calculations.

Utilized Data Analytics in Risk-Based Internal Auditing

Developed electronic tests to identify risk indicators in procure to pay, order to cash, inventory, period close and payroll processes. Generated dashboards and reports for multiple locations used by internal auditors to focus on high-risk issues.