Firm ICAP Consulting Group

ICAP Consulting Group is dedicated to assisting clients address information management challenges that develop in regulatory compliance, business operations, reporting, litigation, system implementations, investigations, procurement and other sources of high impact information risk. ICAP CG helps organizations maintain their ability to support their clients and business performance by developing sustainable processes, identifying and assisting with the implementation of the appropriate tool sets and identifying the right resources to deliver desired results.

Our team members have been assisting clients within industry or as trusted advisors for over 17 years on average. ICAP CG’s seasoned professionals assist our clients in addressing the high risk areas associated with managing their information and processes.

Our approach combines information management expertise with practical regulatory and compliance knowledge to address the high costs and risk associated with discovery and regulatory compliance. We offer our clients independent and objective assistance.

For events and disciplines that entail the movement and management of information - system to system, business unit to corporate, or system to dashboard, ICAP CG balances the appropriate processes, technologies and human resources to provide its clients with cost effective solutions that address these potentially high risk situations. We provide tactical solutions and practical approaches that are aligned with the strategic goals of your business area and enterprise.